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My passion for color and design started as a child. I loved the subtleties of colors and textures in nature. I saved sea shells, feathers, pinecones, rocks...nature was an endless array of rhythm, pattern and color and I was fascinated with every "treasure" I came across. Fast-forward through college, an AAS in graphic design (which included a year of pre-digital photography), a few "learn-the-ropes" creative jobs, and I was a successfully self-employed designer. I loved design and photography, but design won out until the arrival of digital photography. After many years as a graphic designer and photo hobbiest, I left my old 35mm film Nikon for my first digital Olympus. A number of years and a variety of cameras later, and I've never looked back.


I shoot lifestyle portraits and events. I love capturing the many moods and expressions of people as they interact with their surroundings and other people. Other photo opps I enjoy are nature, urban or rural landscapes, architecture, and macro-style shots. The designer in me still loves "collecting" color, pattern and detail.


Check out my portfolio. Enjoy the site. Feel free to comment or connect with me if you're looking for professional photos of your children, family, business or social events. I also do real estate and property photos for commercial and residential clients. Take a look at my online shop to purchase prints.


Jean Wood Blasingame

Photographer | Designer 

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