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Jean Wood Blasingame


on Location for:


• Social Occasions

• Business Events

• Portraits

• Children

• Families & Groups

• Marketing



My passion for color and design started as a child. I was fascinated by the colors and intricate patterns in nature. Sea shells, feathers, pinecones, rocks...all were an intriguing array of rhythm, pattern and color, and I added each newfound treasure to my "collections".


My love of color and patterns eventually led to a degree in graphic design, and after a few learn-the-ropes creative jobs, I launched my career as a self-employed graphic designer. Although my degree included courses in photography, and I enjoyed creating photos, it was the pre-digital age and I wasn't a fan of dark rooms and chemicals. When digital arrived, I quickly left my old 35mm film Nikon behind for my first digital camera and became a dedicated photo hobbyist.

Meantime, since many of my design projects involved commercial photography, I had the opportunity to work with, watch and learn from some of the best photographers in the Triad. When I decided to make  a career "side trip" as a licensed real estate broker, I continued to broaden my photography skills by shooting commercial and residential properties for clients and brokers. 

A number of  years, a variety of cameras, and hundreds of projects later, now photography has become an integral part of my professional life.

Lifestyle portraits and events are my main focus. I love capturing the many moods and expressions of people as they interact with their surroundings and other people. When I'm not capturing smiles, I still love "collecting" color, pattern, and detail in nature, landscape, still life and macro photography.

Check out my portfolio. Enjoy the site. Feel free to comment or connect with me if you're looking for professional photos of your children, family, business or social events.


Note:  I plan to add an online shop where you can purchase & download digital images, so stay tuned!




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